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Looking to bring some color and light to your garden? We’ve got you covered! Starting around late April of each year we offer a diverse selection of vibrant annuals, from impatiens and begonias to sweet potato vines and planter centerpiece plants. We also carry veggie starts and herbs.


Perennials are landscaping staples, bringing fullness and beauty to your garden year after year. Whether you’re looking to build a biodiverse pollinator garden or to create a hardy landscape design, we’ve got you covered, with everything from hummingbird mint and coneflower to ornamental grasses and winter-hardy succulents.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We regularly order new cultivars throughout the growing season. Ask one of our friendly staff members about placing a special order.


Shrubs are a great way to bring color, structure, and function to your landscape. With such a large variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, shrubs offer a multitude of options for your property. Whether you are in need of a privacy screen or a compact accent piece, we have a broad range of evergreen and deciduous shrubs to choose from.


We offer an expansive selection of trees. To name just a handful, we carry flowering trees, specimen conifers, and numerous cultivars of red and Japanese maples. Our tree stock rotates every spring, so come check out what we get in each year.

Not sure what tree might be right for your site conditions or landscaping goals? Our knowledgeable employees are here to answer your questions and help you find the perfect tree for you and your property.


We carry top-tier untreated Douglas fir bark available as fines by the bag, tractor scoop, or yard.


We have a great selection of high-quality tools (rakes, shovels, hoop-hoes, pruners, etc) and materials (fertilizers, insect control, potting soil, flower pots, etc.) to meet your yard or garden needs. We also carry trellises, arches, fountains, birdbaths, chimes, rain chains, gazebos, and numerous other garden structures and ornaments.